The Renaissance and Islam
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The Renaissance and Islam - This series tells the story of the birth and
flourishing of civilisation in the Middle East and its huge influence on
the West.
Frederick Williams
2013-03-05 15:14:21 UTC
Post by fasgnadh
The Renaissance and Islam - This series tells the story of the birth and
flourishing of civilisation in the Middle East and its huge influence on
the West.
Pity it's been down hill ever since.
When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by
this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.
Jonathan Swift: Thoughts on Various Subjects, Moral and Diverting
2013-03-06 08:22:07 UTC
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Which of those NGs was NOT affected by the brilliance of Islamic
civilisation? You removed the mathematics ones, are you really so
pig-ignorant of Algebra, Algorithm, the number system which replaced
Roman numerals?
And the answer to that question for DaveJ and Sheffield is YES, they
really are that ignorant! B^D
How much of modern mathematics, or science, or
economics, trade, investment ...would exist if we still used Roman
Sheffield and DaveJ are clueless imbeciles, they don't get maths at all.
You stand on the shoulders of giants, and piss down their necks.
The Renaissance and Islam - This series tells the story of the birth and
flourishing of civilisation in the Middle East and its huge influence on
the West.
Then the Middle-East sank into absolute stagnation due to
The Middle East is not all of Islam, you moron, the largest
Muslim Nation is Indonesia, and it is by no means in 'absolute
North Korea, the last Atheist regime, is in 'absolute stagnation'
it is SO dysfunctional it falls off the bottom of the UN's Human
Development Indices, and in it's regular FAMINES, the people EAT GRASS!
BTW can you afford to live in Dubai? B^D
rigid religious fundamentalism.
Like Nazism, atheistic communism and other dogmatic ideologies
is backward and regressive. But while that is typical for EVERY atheist
state, many Islamic nations are democratic and progressive.
Remember, the ME was like much of the world, subject to Western
Imperialism and Colonialism, and kept in subjugation till WWII
And of course, there was corruption and decay as the brilliance of the
caliphate faded and corruption under the Ottomans became the norm.
As it did in EVERY atheist regime in history, but none of THEM produced
a glittering civilisation first! B^D
All human organisations have a limited lifespan, they follow natural
patterns of birth, maturation, flowering and decay, but what is unique
about Zoroasterian/Hindu/Judeo/Christian/Islamic Civilisation is that it
is like a relay race, with the spiritual torch being passed..
whereas atheist states have all been totalitarian, short-lived,
catastrophic cluster fucks killing over 80,000,000 and leaving no
useful legacy whatsoever!
The Church, for example, has a priesthood which made absolute sense in
the massively illiterate society of the Middle Ages, (they kept alive
what little recorded learning there was and were a unifying force,
(witchburning hysteria aside)), but with the invention of the printing
press everyone could read and revolutions resulted;
The first book printed was the Bible, people could read it for
themselves, in their own language, and form their OWN UNDERSTANDING of
it, the role of a literate priesthood INTERPRETING it for them was
effectively over.. the Reformation was the Spiritual revolution which
was matched by similar revolutions in politics, and science, as mass
literacy spread. But religion did not die, it became MORE DIVERSE,
instead of the original Roman, Eastern Orthodox (and the smaller Copts)
there are now 30,000 Christian denominations. And as religious
understanding grew, dialogue between the faiths grew and they came
to see their connections, just as the same understanding between nations
grew.. Now we have Parliaments of World Religions and the UN,
products of the maturation of the human species, thanks to the
civilisations which began with and have been driven and sustained by
progressive revelation;
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# Subject: Re: Anyone seen Hysteria, Abu Baker Bashir and Kelsey
Bjarnyard? B^D
# Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 21:15:11 -0500
# There has never been a "Great, Enduring Atheist Civilization"
"The Birth of Religion
We used to think agriculture gave rise to cities and
later to writing, art, and religion.
Now the world’s oldest temple suggests the urge to
worship sparked civilization."
Those that CAN, DO!
And the rest, including the atheists, whine ineffectually,
ignore the brilliant civilisations, miss the passing of the torch
and see only the natural decline in the HUMAN ORGANISATIONS
which sprang up in response to each new evolution of spiritual
We all die, our forms of organisation wither, but the Human Spirit
endures and finds expression in new forms.
And, amazingly, the Catholic Church still, 2000 years later, functions
as an organisation doing massive good in the world, unlike all the
atheist states, which left NO POSITIVE LEGACY AT ALL;
Islam and the “Golden Age” of Scientific Discovery
Yes, that's EXACTLY what the SBS documentary revealed!
the Muslim world was acquiring culture through violent conquest.

That must be one of the most STUPID myths that moron Sheffield has ever

Al Gibra (Algebra) is CLEARLY not stolen by conquest, it's named in
ARABIC by the Muslim mathematician who developed it.. as was algorithm.

jwsheffield has to take his socks off to count! B^D
there is no arguing that the Muslim world was relatively more
advanced during this period than the “Christian” world
That means they were the most brilliant civilisation of the age.

Anyone with a brain (ie NOT THESE iSLAMOPHOBIC REDNECK bigots) know how
many stars and constellations are NAMED IN ARABIC because they were

"This is a list of traditional Arabic names for stars. In Western
astronomy, most of the accepted star names are Arabic, a few are Greek
and some are of unknown origin:"

Common name Arabic name (transliteration) Meaning Arabic name

Acamar Akhir an-Nahr End of the river "Another River" اخر النهر
AchernarAkhir an-Nahr End of the river "Another River" اخر النهر
Acrab Al-'Aqrab The scorpion عقرب
Acubens Az-Zubana The claw الزبانى
AdhaferaAd-Dafirah The curl "Plexus" الضفيره
Adhara Al-'Adhara The maidens "Virgins" العذارى
Adib Al-dhi’b The wolf الذئب
Adhil Al-Dhayl The tail الذيل
Ain 'Ain the "eye" of the Bull "Eye" عين
Albali Al-Bali' The swallower البالع
AlchibahAl-Khiba' The tent الخباء
AldebaranAl-Dabaran "The follower" of the Pleiades الدبران
AlderaminAdh-Dhira' al-Yamin The right arm الذراع الايمن
Alfirk Al-Firq The flock "Difference" الفرق
Algedi Al-Jady The goat "Capricorn" الجدي
Algenib Al-Janb The flank "Side" الجنب
Algieba Al-Jabhah "The forehead" of the lion "Front" الجبهة
Algebar Al-Jabbar The giant الجبّار
Algol Al-Ghul The ghoul رأس الغول
Algorab Al-Ghurab The raven الغراب
Alhena Al-Han'ah The mark of the brand الهنعه
Alioth Al-Jawn The black horse "John" الجون
Alkaid Al-Qa'id"The leader" of the mourning maidens "Commander" القائد
Alkes Al-Ka's The cup الكأس
Almak 'Anaq al-Ard The caracal "Hug the Ground" عناق الأرض
AlmeisanAl-Maisan The shining one "Libration" الميسان
Alnair An-Nayyir The bright one "Yoke" النّيّر
Alnilam An-Nidham The string of pearls "Systems" النّظم
Alnitak An-Nitaq The belt "Scale" النطاق
Alnasl Al-nasl The arrowhead "Blade" النصل
Alphard Al-Fard The solitary one "Individual" الفرد
AlpheccaAl-Fakkah "The broken" ring of stars "Humorous" الفكه
AlpheratzSurrat al-Faras The navel of the stallion "Navel Persians" سرة
AlreschaAl-Risha' The ropes الرشاء
Alsafi Al-Athafi The tripods for cooking on Sigma "Andiron" الأثافي
AlsuhailSuhail Untranslatable سهيل
Altair (Al-Nasr) At-Ta'ir the flying (eagle) النّسر الطّائر
Altais At-Tais The great serpent "Goat" التيس
Alterf At-Tarf "The glance" of the lion "Party" الطرف
Aludra Al-'Udhrah The maidenhead "Faces" العذره
Alula Australis, Alula Borealis (Al-Qafzah) al-Ula the first (leap)
Alya Al-Alyah The fatty tail of a sheep "Mechanism" الألية
Angetenar'Arjat an-Nahr Curve of the river "Winding River" عرجة النهر
Ankaa Al-'Anka' Phoenix العنقاء
Arkab Al-'Urqub The heel-tendon "Achilles" العرقوب
Arneb Al-Arnab The hare الأرنب
Arrakis Ar-Raqis The dancer الراقص
Atik Al-'Atiq "The shoulder" of the Pleiades "Responsibility
Chandelier" عاتق الثّريّا
Auva Al-'Awwa' The barker "Howl" العوّاء
Azha Al-Udhi The hatching-place اشيانة
Baham Al-Biham The livestock سعد البهام
Baten Kaitos Batn Qaytus Belly of Cetus بطن قيطس
Beid Al-Baid The eggs بيض
Benetnash Banat Na'sh Daughters of the bier بنات النعش
Betelgeuse Ibet al-Jauza' Armpit of the Central One إبط الجوزاء
Botein Al-Butayn The little belly بطين
Caph Al-Kaff "The palm" of the Pleiades الكـــف الخضيب
Celbalrai Kalb ar-Ra'i The shepherd's dog كلب الراعي
Chort Al-Kharat The rib الخرت
Cursa Al-Kursi The chair الكرسي
Dabih Sa'd adh-dhabih The lucky star of "the slaughterer" سّعد الذّابح
Deneb Dhanab ad-Dajajah Tail of the fowl ذنب الدجاجة
Deneb Dulfim Dhanab ad-Dulfin Tail of the Dolphin ذنب الدّلفين
Deneb Algedi Dhanab al-Jady Tail of the goat ذنب الجدي
Deneb Kaitos Dhanab Qaytus Tail of Cetus ذنب قيطس
Denebola Dhanab al-Asad Tail of the lion ذنب الاسد
Diphda Ad-Difda' Al-awwal The first frog الضّفدع الأوّل
Dschubba Al-Jabhah "The forehead" of the scorpion الجبهة
Dubhe Kahil Ad-Dubb The back of the bear كاهل الدّب
Dziban Adh-Dhi'ban The two wolves الذئبان
Edasich Adh-Dhikh The hyena الذّيخ
El Nath An-Nath The butting النطح
Eltanin At-Tinnin The great serpent التنين
Enif Al-Anf The nose الأنف
Errai Ar-Ra'i The shepherd الراعي
Fomalhaut Fam al-Hut Mouth of the whale فم الحوت
Furud Al-Furud "Individual" stars الفرد
Gienah Al-Janah The wing الجناح
Gomeisa Al-Ghumaisa' The bleary-eyed one الغميصاء
Hadar Hadar Civilization حضار
Hamal Al-Hamal The ram نيّر الحمل
Heka Al-Haq'ah The white spot الهقعة
Homam Sa'd al-humam The lucky star of "the high-minded سعد الهمام
Izar Al-Izar The girdle, or, The loin-cloth الإزار
Jabbah Al-Jabhah "The forehead" of the scorpion الجبهة
Kabdhilinan Qabd Al-E'nan The rein hold قبض العنان
Kaffaljidhma Al-Kaff al-Jadhma' The cut-short hand الكف الجذماء
Kaus Australis, Kaus Borealis, Kaus Media Al-Qaus the bow القوس
Keid Al-Qaid The broken egg-shells القيض
Kitalpha Qit'at al-Faras Part of the horse قطعة الفرس
Kochab Al-Kaukab Planet كوكب
Kurhah Al-Qurhah "The blaze" on a horse's brow القرحة
Lesath Al-Las'ah The sting اللسعة
Luh-Denebola dhanab al-asad the lion's tail ذنب الليث
Maasym Al-Mi'sam The wrist معصم الثّريّا
Maaz Al-Ma'z The he-goat المعز
Marfik Al-Mirfaq The elbow المرفق
Markab Mankib al-Faras "The shoulder" of the horse منكب الفرس
Matar Sa'd Matar The lucky star of "the rain" سعد مطر
Mebsuta Al-Mabsutah "The outstretched" paw الذّراع المبسوطه
Megrez Al-Maghriz "The insertion-point" of the Bear's مغرز
Meissa Al-Maisan The shining one الميسان
Mekbuda Al-Maqbudah "The pulled-in" paw الذّراع المقبوضة
Menkalinan Mankib Dhi-al-'Inan Shoulder of the rein-holder منكب ذي العنان
Menkar Al-Minkhar The nostril المنخر
Menkib Al-Mankib "The shoulder" of the Pleiades منكب الثّريّا
Merak Al-Maraqq The loins المراق
Mintaka Al-Mintaqah The belt المنطقة
Mirak Al-Mi'zar The loin-cloth المراق
Mirfak Al-Mirfaq "The elbow" of the Pleiades مرفق الثّريّا
Mizar miʾzar apron المئزر
Mothallah Al-Muthallath The triangle المثلث
Muphrid Al-Mufrid The solitary one المفرد
Murzim Al-Murzim The roarer المرزم
Nashira Sa'd Nashirah The lucky star of Nashirah سعد ناشرة
Nekkar Al-Baqqar The cattleman البقار
Gamma Sagittarii An-Nasl The arrowhead النصل
Nihal An-Nihal The camels quenching their thirst النهال
Nusakan An-Nasaqan The two series النسقان
Okda Al-'Uqdah The knot العقدة
Phact Al-Fakhitah The dove فاخثة
Phad Al-Fakhidh The thigh فخذ
Pherkad Al-Farqad The calf فرقد
Rasalased Ra's al-Asad Head of the lion رأس الأسد
Rasalgethi Ra's al-Jathi Head of the kneeling one رأس الجاثي
Rasalhague Ra's al-Hawwa' Head of the snake-man رأس الحوّاء
Rastaban Ra's ath-Thu'ban Head of the snake رأس الثعبان
Rigel Ar-Rijl The foot رجل الجبّار
Rigilkent Rijl Qanturus Foot of the centaur رجل قنطورس
Risha Ar-Risha' The rope الرشاء
Rukbah Ar-Rukbah The knee الركبة
Rukbat Ar-Rukbah The knee ركبة الرامي
Sabik As-Sabiq The preceding سابق
SadachbiaSa'd al-Akhbiyah Lucky star of the tents سعد الاخبية
Sadalbari Sa'd al-Bari' Lucky star of the excellent one سعد بارع
Sadalmelik Sa'd al-Malik Lucky star of the king سعد الملك
Sadalsuud Sa'd as-Su'ud Luck of lucks سعد السعود
Sadr As-Sadr The breast الصدر
Saiph As-Saif The sword سيف
Scheat As-Sa'id The shoulder الساعد
Shaula Ash-Shaulah The raised tail of the scorpion الشولة
Shedir As-Sadr The breast الصدر
Sheliak Alshelaiyak - الشلياق
Sheratan Ash-Sharatan The two signs الشرطان
Sirrah Surrat al-Faras Belly-button of the female horse سرة الفرس
Skat As-Saq The leg الساق
Sulafat As-Sulhafat The tortoise السلحفاة
Tania Australis, Tania Borealis Ath-Thaniyah the second (leap) القفزة
Talitha Australis, Talitha Borealis Ath-Thalithah the third (leap)
القفزة الثّالثة
Tarf At-Tarf "The glance" of the lion الطرف
Thuban Ath-Thu'ban The snake الثعبان
Pleiades Ath-Thuraya The height and brightness الثريا
Unukalhai 'Unuq al-Hayyah Neck of the snake عنق الحية
Vega Al-Waqi' "The stooping" eagle النسر الواقع
Wasat Wasat as-Sama' "Middle" of the sky وسط
Beta Columbae Al-Wazn The weight الوزن
Wezen Al-Wazn The weight الوزن
Yed Prior Al-Yad The preceding one of the Snake Man's hand مقدّم يدالحوّاء
Yed Posterior Al-Yad The succeeding one of the Snake Man's hand مؤخّر
Zaniah Az-Zawiyah The angle الزاوية
Zaurac Az-Zawraq The boat زورق
Zavijava Zawiyat al-'Awwa' The angle of al awa زاوية العواء
Zubenelgenubi Az-Zuban al-Janubi "Southern Claw" زبانى/الزبان الجنوبي
Zubeneshamali Az-Zuban ash-Shamali "Northern Claw" زبانى/الزبان الشمالي